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Originally Posted by donnadee View Post
To get it fluffy and perky is all about the angles. Do be embarrassed to show us we were all there one time and if it wasn't for the help of these ladies here and on other forums I would have never figured it out and I bought good instructions too. Some wise bow maker told me this years ago that it is all about the angles and she was right. I started playing with how I laid each angel and not allowing them to slip before tying. I use dental floss to tie and have for several years. HTH

YIPPEE!! The needle and thread method made all the difference IN THE WORLD! Unbelievable! I tried the dental floss and it was worked great too.

Wonder why my instructions called for the wire when the needle method is so much better? Any thoughts on that?

Thank you ladies, so very very much, for your help!!!
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