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Default Re: Many Many Bottle Cap Images

Yes Robin, just print them out on photo paper. I always recommend having somewhere print them for you like Walgreens. It isn't necessary but I have personally have had better results doing it that way than doing it at home. Sometimes if you do it at home and your paper isn't good enough quality, there can be a problem with the resin seeping under the image if it isn't glued down well enough. Also, the best thing IMO to use for sticking the image to the cap is a Xyron machine. It is a sticker making machine available at most craft stores. It's primarily used in scrapbooking but it works great for getting a perfect seal on your image. If you use that type of machine make sure it is a permanent adhesive cartridge (the machines have laminate cartridges, removeable adhesive and permanent adhesive cartridges). Hope that helps!
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