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Default Re: Hate Taking Pics, Editing, EtC!

Originally Posted by luvsfordpower View Post
Try this:

-Get a white sheet or big piece of craft foam, and a dining room chair. Go outside, put the chair in the sun or bright shade, and drape the chair with the cloth or use craft foam.

-Set up your item on the sheet. Put something under the sheet to prop it up if you need to.

-Take your picture. If you have one, use a tripod. If not, look into getting at least a small one. This will help LOADS when it comes to focusing the camera and prevents camera shake.

-Use Picnik. I LURVE it! Here's my process for that:

-tweak exposure and contrast
-check color saturation & adust if needed
-Use a filter if it calls for it (I LOVE lomo, holga, and ortonish, as well as selective color)
-resize while saving the file (saves a step)

-Voila! I save a ton of time this way.

I have a similar process with picnik. I crop, tweak exposure and contrast, then boost the colors about 15% and sometimes do the selective color. I use a tablet PC with the pen thing to edit my pictures and the selective coloring is super easy that way. I still think my pictures are crappy but I try to make the most of them lol.
Picnik makes my browser crash sometimes does anyone else have this problem?
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