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Default Re: photography box suggestions

This is the one that I have. OBN 24" Photography Light Tent, Photo Tent, Cube Tent with 11" lamps

I haven't played with it too much yet. Let me warn is BIG! If all you will be photographing is bows and small items then you can get away with a smaller tent. I'd say in the 12-15" range. This 22' puppy is huge! Right now I have it set up on my floor in the basement.

From what I've read about photo tents and such, lighting is the key. Like it is best to only use one type of light to illuminate your items when taking pics. If you have the photo lights on, then turn off your overhead lights. You also need to make sure your camera setting is set to match the type of light your are using. Something to do with white balance and such. I am really no expert at this...just my understanding of what I've picked up here and there.
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