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Default Re: Diaper cake questions?

How big around are you planning on making your tiers? That will determine how much ribbon you'll need. I've made several cakes and the way I like the best is to use baby blanket "icing". Get some of those cardboard cake bases from the cake supply aisle (or cut a large cardboard circle and cover it with foil or paper). Get a bunch of rubber bands (I don't like tape) - esp. some of the bigger ones, or some strong elastic. If you have something you'd like to use for your center (a bottle, blanket, etc.) put that in the center. Then start wrapping the diapers around the center like a spiral. You'll have to hold the diaper around the center then rubber band it in place. Then starting midway around the first diaper, start layering/spiraling your next diaper. Move the rubber band to accomodate each added diaper. Once you've gotten the desired circumfrence, move on to the next layer. I will often use an empty paper towel tube in the center to add some stability to the stacked layers.

The icing: Depending on how many layers you have, buy a couple of receiving blankets and either a burp cloth or a onesie/bib. Wrap the layers with the blankets like you're wrapping a present. I usually fold the blanket into thirds length-wise and wrap it around the outer surface. You can then pin the blanket ends together to make a discreet seam on the back side or use glue dots. Do this for the second layer also. Use the bib/burp cloth/onesie for the top layer. Then wrap ribbon around to make it pretty. I usually use at least two types of ribbon: one solid 1 to 1 1/2" and then a pretty contrasting ribbon 7/8" - 1".

I've attached a photo of the last cake I made. Hope this helps!
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