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Originally Posted by gmcks2001 View Post
I am assuming you mean "jacked up" is the crease in the center where the ribbons cross one another? How the outside ribbon seems to just curve over and run down from the crease?

If so, try making where the ribbon crosses over not quite as wide at the bottom. When I make a bow like that, it looks something like an awareness ribbon. The ends of the ribbon that will form the tails of the bow have about 4" or 5" between the ribbons at the bottom. That should help give your crease that "jacked up" look.

If you're still not successful, I would highly recommend going to and purchasing Devon's directions. They are wonderful and only $5.00! Well worth it!
Jacked up as in if the ribbon has a pattern, then the pattern is facing the oppisite way than the rest of the bow.
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