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Originally Posted by AdrisMommy View Post
I don't use a clip. I used to wire until this week actually. I am sewing this week since i learned of the quick knot. But anyways-- I am weaving my needle in and out letting the creases bunch on one end of the needle, then grab the creases as one and they should already be pretty tight, but I pinch and wrap the thread around really tight. HTH!
This is the method I use as well. I weave the needle in the middle while I hold the folded ribbon very tightly with the other hand. It should look like this from the side /\/\/\ to make the 3 "hills." Although it looks as if that bow might only have 2 "hills". Not sure about that. Then before I pull the needle through, I scrunch the ribbon together to crease it. Then I grab it tightly, pull the needle all the way through and wrap the thread around very tightly and tie it off. When I first started doing it this way, I'd have to pull the needle out a few times to get it right, but with practice, now I get it right the first time, every time.

I tried using the Sally clip once or twice, but I found the crease wasn't very neat looking. And I'm nor sure if I got some bad clips, but mine didn't hold the folded ribbon very tightly. It would shift as I was trying to pull the thread tight. So I stick with the needle crease.
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