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Default Re: Yet another korker question/comment

Originally Posted by jtgarrido View Post
I just use a bigger needle than usual, and try to find ones that are extra sharp. The price of sewing the korkers, is very sore fingers, and sometimes sticking the wrong end of the needle through your finger. I use needle nose pliers, and also place a hard object on the floor then push my needled korkers down on that to get it all the way through. It's very hard for me to believe that someone can make hundreds of these in one evening. I've made these for years and feel that I'm pretty good at it, but hundreds is just too much for me to believe they actually sewed them by themselves.
I can whip out on a good day 150+200 of them! I use the leather needle and it REALLY helps! Also keeping a pair of pliers doesnt hurt either. For the ribbons with the prints on them, I try to find the "soft spot" on the ribbon, meaning, no print there, it doesnt catch my needle nearly as much
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