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Originally Posted by Punkynmunky View Post
I've never bought instructions, but have made a couple different tutu's just on my own after looking at some in the store. One was a "no sew". I just tied strips of tulle to an elastic that fit my dd's waist. Another one I gathered tulle and sewed it to a wide ribbon making the waist band so that it would tie around her waist (did not like that, I prefer it to be an elastic waist so dd could dress herself). Another one I sewed the tulle to the wide ribbon, folded the ribbon over to make a casing and inserted elastic. I bet you could put the flowers in one of the last two kinds I mentioned.

I could try to talk you through it if you want.

Do you have a picture of a tutu dress? If I saw one, maybe I could figure out how to make it??
You are wonderful!! I know how to make the no sew tutu, I am just looking for some variations.
I would love for you to walk me through how to do the "pockets" of tulle to insert the flower petals.

I just joined the yahoo group for tutu's and they have the empire waist dress instructions on it!! Yeah!!! It's a great group for information if any of you are interested! I joined an hour ago and already learned alot!! And I have been making the no sew one's for months!!
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