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Default Re: Yet another korker question/comment

Originally Posted by 3aminspirations View Post
First, I jut want to say that I have joined most of you in using my woodburner to cut/seal my korker bits in one step - OMG this is such a timesaver! I was kind of leery about trying it - woodburner + me = disaster (usually).
Hooray! I am not as much of a clutz as I thought I would be

Now, for the question - I sew my korkers and use 32 pieces. Is there a trick or a tool or something that makes this process easier? Seriously, sometimes I think I'm going to break the needle trying to get it through all those layers. I have to use pliers to pull it through because I just can't keep my fingers on the needle. Or is this just the price you pay to have handsewn korkers?

I know some of you make hundreds of these every night - I bow down in worship to ya'll because after just a single pair my hands are calling it quits!

So how DO you cut & seal the korkers at the same time? About a year and a half ago I bought a bunch of korked ribbon from a seller on ebay & I've never done anything with them. The thought of going through and heat sealing each and every end just doesn't appeal to me--but if I could cut AND seal at the same time, I'd try it! Any tips? Thanks!
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