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Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Heheh the bottom one is my bow
while it does take practice, I find measuing the ribbon out, know how long you want your tails, how big is the bow? 4" 5" So take into consideration your tail length plus the the width of the bow and find the center of your measured ribbon. I always sew, so needle in the middle and lay where the loops come in on top of the needle, pull the needle through and crease. Most of the cheer bows I make I use 28-30" of ribbon, I do not fuse the ribbon together unless I'm using fabric or sequins.

ETA: I don't use heat n bond on the whole bow to fuse everything together because of how stiff the bow becomes. If it's requested I do it but each bow has to be folded as soon as it's bonded while it's still pliable.

Good luck!
You don't mind me using the picture, do you? I found it on Google.
If you dont attach the two ribbons to eachother, then how do you manage to make the bow?
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