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Default Re: Uch.........i need help/advice!

Originally Posted by Lynn* View Post
I think a wreath or something similar will be sweet. If you have a small thin headband so make a woven headband with coordinated colour but leaving long ribbon streamers in the two ends and so lately it can be tied behind the head when being worn. Gather some tulle in light purple and glue it on the headband and put a few roses on top. The rose in the middle on the dress are actually simple, you just need to roll the ribbon loosely and sew at the base and put it on top of a six loop flower. It can be folded with one long piece of ribbon but if you've got problem make six loops separately the way you do a wing of the bumble bee :-) and sew them together in the middle - the rose will cover that spot. It's quick and you can be sure the flower petals will be even.
Did I make any sense at all LOL? I've just been back home and I am so tired. Need some coffee I guess..
Have fun making your order and good luck
Oh thanks Lynn! I've been trying to do the centre flower with the 6 petals and the ribbon rose on the centre but the petals for some reason just dont look right at all. It just looks messy and uneven. I'm going to try to make it from one long piece and see if it looks smoother. I'll post a pic when i FINALLY come up with something...LOL!!!!!!

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