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Default Re: Boutique party hats on a headband????

Originally Posted by afeincreation View Post
Did you cover a bday hat or just use the interfacing?
I only used the interfacing. Much easier than trying to cover a hat, IMO. And it's very sturdy.

Originally Posted by shaynamills View Post
I love this, I love the bow, mind if I still it, I needed something added to mine and couldn't figure out what but think this is the answer. I also want to add more pops of tulle to the top but had the hardest time figuring out how to attach the tulle to the top, I know with marabou you just wrap it around but not with tulle, any suggestions?
I would make a tulle pom pom and sew it through the top of the hat. I would think it would hold with the fabric and all.
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