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Default Re: Louis Vittuon Ribbon?

Heehee. You sound about like me! I only have one LV, but tons of Coach handbags and all the matching accessories, wallets, mini skinnys, wristlets, etc, etc. I have all my receipts, tags, tissue paper, boxes, sacks. I keep getting coupons from the dang Coach outlet every week too! They need to stop tempting me! Are you on TPF (the purse forum)? Those ladies will really make you want to shop!

Originally Posted by babybugsbowtique View Post
Lol me too,Im a huge designer purse fanatic!I would say I buy a new purse every month.(and shoes lol im crazy about shoes) I save all my packaging,down to the tissue paper it comes with. I have a real lv,betsey johnson,coach,2 chanel,and a juicy couture.
and i have all the bags,tissue papers,reciepts and everything. I cant bring myself to get rid of it,im not sure exactly why.
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