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Default Re: I have a question for all the recent BBM Buyers

I haven't had much time to practice with the templates (I've been in the middle of a couple of big cheer bow orders YAY!!)

Anyway, I am really happy with how my twisteds are coming out. For the first time when I shape the bow it actually looks like a twisted!! It does not make it faster, but I wonder how fast a twisted can be made anyway? It's a pretty complicated bow.

Pros: **my bow is twisted,
**my ribbon doesn't slip around-it holds the ribbon while I'm trying to adjust my loops to my liking,
**all of my bows are consistent.
**I really, really love the surrounds templates.

Cons: **I wish the surround loops were bigger-I wonder if there is a way to adjust the template to use a longer lenght of ribbon?
**the twisted template is kind of delicate. I'm afraid I'm going to break it!

My bottom line-I'm glad I invested in them. I couldn't make a twisted before, and now I can. Knowing all that I know now, I would still have gotten them. I am giddy with the twisteds that I'm able to make with them!! Giddy!!

If you are already a pro at the twisteds, you'll probably be dissappointed.
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