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Default Re: I have a question for all the recent BBM Buyers

See, this is what happens when people are honest. Can I post my honesty fairly without people being ugly?

No one said she didn't work her butt off, but everyone has their own opinion. I would appreciate it if you respected others and myself by not assuming what our thoughts are. Reviews are a matter of opinion and aren't always going to be great. Can you admit to always giving a good review of every product you've ever purchased?

I will admit it. I was looking for a easier and quicker way to make the bow. I don't think anyone would have purchased them if this wasn't the case. I used them again this afternoon, and I'm still not impressed, but I think they would be helpful to someone just starting out. The book contained lots of useful information (all of which you can find here for free), but all in one place.

Originally Posted by lana1 View Post
Okay I have the templetes myself. I LOVE THEM. For all of you that wernt that impressed I think you were not satisfied were just looking for the easy way to make the bow. mAKING BOWS is an art form templete or no templete.and there were several ways to make them. I still think they are great. Karyn worked her butt off on these and to get theses out to you ladies.
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