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Default Re: I have a question for all the recent BBM Buyers

Originally Posted by Mommy2Jacie View Post
The only thing that I am not really satisfied with is that I can't make big bows with them. My little girl is 5, and she needs a bigger bow. I thought that the XL classic template would make a BIG bow cause the template looks so big, but when done it is only like 4 inches, and looks like a pinwheel bow. BUT, Karyn is very nice and wonderful to work with.
you can make some pretty big bows with the twisted! I made a huge 1.5 inch yesterday, I'll take some pics in a few. It does say in the book that unlike the classic the twisted is not dependent one one sixe of ribbon, pretty much all that matters is that you get the creases down so that you get your loops even.

I think the template is great, I got pretty good at making them by hand but I was still refolding everyone that I made to get it perfect, and then my loops would slip when I tried to secure, with this I don't have that problem. Karyn never claimed she had some wonderful new method of folding them, she claimed she has a template to help speed the process and create even loops, and she does, It does state on on of the first pages that this template will take some practice to master,so I really hope you guys didn't give up after one bow. . If you don't like the figure 8 use the true fold method, IMO it comes out better anyways. I do admire those of you who are honest enough to admit that you are unhappy with them. There is never a way to please every single customer when Karyn has sold as many of these as she has ya know. But what matters is that we are all grown up enough to tactfully give our reviews of the product.

Karyn I think it's great and will recommend it to any bowmaker!

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