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Default Re: I have a question for all the recent BBM Buyers

Originally Posted by lovemk View Post
really? humph, i felt the same when i purchased a tutu instruction e-book online. I was pretty much bummed out that i bought something that was not useful. (all the info was pretty much online as well) Now, i am having second thoughts about purchasing this item as i have had my eyes on it for a while.
Yes, I know what you mean...I realize that I am not going to be very popular voicing my view here, but i hope that other people see this thread as fair and just and not a way to be catty. I have been thru some difficult hardships lately and I don't have a lot of extra money lying around. When I make purchases, I like to be as thorough as possible in my research to see if it is truly necessary. That is what a forum such as this is supposed to be for. Thank you again for your reply.
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