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Default Re: I have a question for all the recent BBM Buyers

Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
Thank you for your reply!! I did just buy the Ultimate Template pack and I wasn't impressed (unfortunately). :-( I really wanted to be totally impressed and blown away and I wasn't. I was feeling that maybe more ppl felt the same way since I hadn't seen anything posted since so many ppl had ordered it. I don't want to cause a problem, but I do feel like this is a forum that we can/should talk about this kind of thing freely.
Your welcome Sorry to hear you weren't impressed. I got the twisted template, being that those were the ones I couldn't get down pat....I could not be happier with a template. I love it! My loops are even, it is fast & biggest thing, they look like twisted boutique bows when I am done Why did you not like it (if you don't mind me asking )
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