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Default Re: Please Help!! I'm having the hadrest time...

Originally Posted by Msblack View Post
Thanks I have tried the figure 8 but that doesnt seem to come out right to me either. I'll look into the other options thanks at least trying to assist!
I've spent soooooo much $$$$ on instructions, I could have bought the actual hairbow by now.

Anyhoo, after all that, I've found the figure 8 to be the "easiest" for me. Once I've folded with method, then I use the sally clip to hold the middle then use the smaller alligator clips in the back to keep it straight. Then you are able to "angle" the front loops then gather in the middle.

Sorry don't have pics but it is from someone else's tips. Sorry, but don't remember the person that posted that little tip/tut.


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