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Default Re: Wood Burner

Ditto to the post above about needing it to be really hot!! If it's hot enough it will just glide through your ribbon like butter. It may gunk up a bit after awhil, but I just use fine grain sandpaper (similar to the nail file idea) to clean it. And yes, use the angled tip for cutting straight good for cutting your v's on spikes too! And for sealing ends I do the same thing...use the hot shaft to lightly touch the ends of the ribbon.

One other fun thing I figured out was to swich to the rounded tip to make antennas for ribbon sculptures. Just lightly touch your ribbon edge and it will curl around the rounded bit.

For a cutting surface I do something different though. I got a piece of glass at Home Depot (I think it's 10x13). It came with a cardboard "frame" around it for packing and safety but most of the glass is visible. I just slid a piece of 1/4" size graph paper between the cardboard and the glass to use as a measuring tool. Then I marked on the edge of the glass with permanent marker 1" increments so I wouldn't have to count squares. This works AWESOME because I don't have to fuss with a ruler too! And the glass is a perfect cutting surface.

HTH!! And trust me, you are going to LOVE using the woodburner!
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