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OK, here is my info, for what it is worth.

I started with a low heat wood burning tool and had the same thing happen. I cleaned my "bit" with an acrylic nail-nail file. Did that make sense? I had to clean it so much it became rounded and didn't cut as well.

I moved on to a higher temp tool and WHOA NELLY! GOOD TIMES! The tool runs so hot that any ribbon that gets on it burns right off.

I bought it at Hobby Lobby with a coupon and think I spent about $12.00 and it came with a bunch of different "bits." I use the one that looks like the top of a screwdriver. Boy, I am not good as describing, eh?

When you cut, make sure you are cutting on a metal service. I use an old baking pan. I put my metal ruler right on the ribbon and swipe away, other times, if the ribbon is already cut I will just run it along the shaft of the tool, that is mega hot too!

I hope that made sense! This post proves why I don't write tutorials! HA!
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