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Default Re: Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template Shipping updates

Originally Posted by mom2autumn View Post
Yay! I got it in yesterday I`ve been playing around with it some but wanted to post the very 1st bows I made using the templates. I haven`t tweaked or sprayed them yet. The red, white and blue I just glued together. I`m going to play around with it alot more today. I can`t wait to get it down 100%. With 2 little ones needing so much attention I know this will cut time down so much. The nice thing about the templates is if I am distracted I can lay them down, tend to the little ones and come back. (To finish where I started...not having to start all over again ) I`m just starting out and a TOTAL beginner. Still learning

Sorry about the pics. I`m waiting on my awesome camera to come in. Just ran outside real quick and did a 5 second photo job

Thanks so much Karyn!!
Your bows look great! I think I'm sold on getting this set of templates

So...the top bow is a classic, the second a twisted and then the third a stacked bow? I hope I'm figuring out what bows are which
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