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Default Re: How do you take pics of your bottle caps

You ladies are so awesome. I feel so stupid, I had been searching everywhere for that tulip symbol. On the top of my camera are a bunch of settings to change the picture to landscape, kids and pets, outdoor, indoor etc. Thats where I had been trying to change it to macro. Never realized the big tulip was staring me right in the face on the screen the whole time. Well I can't say picture taking is getting any better. I still keep trying everywhere. Since changing to macro setting, I've tried the windowsill, outside, the light box I made with the side light every which way, etc. Here is another pic - this is the best I can do so far. I am determined to get this right. I have a TON of bottle caps I need to list in my Etsy store and I can't get this figured out. Thank you all for continuing to try to help me!

burgandy dots1.jpg
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