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Default Re: How do you make korkers like this?

Here's a link to a video tut that might help.
YouTube - Korker Bow Instructions
I also attached a pic of one of my korkers to give you an idea of how mine turn out.

I do mine like the others have said, wrap the ribbon on dowels and bake at 275 deg for 20 minutes. For each of my korkers I use about 30-35 pieces of ribbon. I usually cut them at 2" or 2.5". The one you are asking about looks like they are cut much longer, maybe even 3.5" or 4" and it looks like because of the length they probably used 40+ pieces.

I sew mine (just like video). One trick I learned was to knot your thread 3" from the end instead of the end of the thread. This will give you a piece to use to tie off and knot when you are finished. I give mine two coats of Stay-flo starch after the korker is completed but before I add the clip. I like mine to be more stiff and uniform, others like them to be more random and less's all just personal preference.

To answer your question about adding the ali clip. When your korker is finished there will be an obvious bottom side. On mine the first piece on the bottom is usually lying flat across the bottom...this would seem the natural place to glue the clip to. But, I glue mine perpendicular to that piece because I feel like it feel more solid becasue the glue will adhear to 3/4 korker pieces this way instead of just the bottom piece...I hope that makes sense.

Sorry for the long response. I hope some of these tips help. Everyone has a trick or two that works for them and I'm sure you'll get some great ideas.
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