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Unhappy Grr, so frustrated....just can't get it :(

Hi all! I am Lily and new here! (love it by the way!)

I have been making hair bows for about 4 months now and, well, am getting better. I am so stumped though. I try so hard to get my bows fluffy. I LOVE the bows on this ladies site?
Hair Bows, How To Make Hair Bows Instructions, Hair Bows for Baby Girls, Headbands

I love the headband below on her website and have tried so hard to get mine fluffy like it, but no luck.

Also the picture of the older girl on her home page, I just can't get mine like that. Does anyone else have trouble getting fluffy (non flat) bows? maybe it just takes time?

But I CANNOT get them like this for the life of me. How can I get my bows this fluffy and perky. I have no idea what I am doing wrong? Mine always end up flat! I even bought many bows from her website to "check them out" LOL! Maybe one day I will get mearly half as good as her bows look!

Any help on how to get that poofy, fluffy look would be so appreciated!

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