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Default Re: Curiosity got the better of me..ordered an HH Korker...come see!

Their Korkers are $1 each with the coupon it was only 90 cents, so that tells you right there that they are probably not that great. Please don't think that I bought this to try and resell! I know there was lots of talk when they first started offering them. I just wanted to see for myself what they looked like. You know scope out the cheap competition. So I ordered 1 and only 1, while I was ordering their crochet headbands. I am not sure how the quality of the headbands compare to others. I have had the HH ones, as well as the ones from Acessories Palace. My experience with both is that you always have a few that are not sewn properly and I consider them "waste". I have not tried to resew the seam though, but I think you probably could. I would definitely not buy these Korkers to resell (I make my own anyways). I was just curious what they looked like (quite horrible!), so I ordered one for "research" and to show the rest of you who were curious about their quality (like we didn't already know). LOL
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