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Default Anyone else feel like they weren't born to make bows?!

Ugh...I feel like such a loser. I just can't seem to make a nice bow to save my life! Headbands, no problem, clippies...sure! Flip flops? FUN! But when I try to make a stinkin' simple bow I feel like screaming!So with my first big wholesale check I bought the TNT--surely I could do them then..not! I follow the instructions and they just don't look good, the bow is even, I can just never get the crease right. I now I should just practice more, but wasting ribbon (not to mention my sanity) just doesn't sound like something I want to do. Luckily my wholesale buyer likes my headbands, pony-os and korkers and has someone else to do the bows, but it is more of a pride thing I guess...I don't want the bows to get the best of me! LOL...sorry for the rant..I just feel sometimes that I just wasn't wired to make bows....
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