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Default Re: Boutique party hats on a headband????

Originally Posted by den092981 View Post
I've done the big version...just traced the outline of regular dollar store hats on fabric, the attach heavy interfacing to it...then glue it shut attached embellishments.
Then for the babies I just made a smaller version and sewn circular fabric attach to interface as well. and glued a clip to it even! they just clip it on the crotchet headband...
Do you mind explaining more how you attached the circular interfacing and the clip? Please

Originally Posted by afeincreation View Post
What is heavy interfacing? Thanks!
I didn't know what it was when I bought it, too. LOL! Just go to the fabric store and ask for it. It's white stiff material (has iron-on stuff on one side). I found it with the fabric stabilizers and stich witchery.
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