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Default Re: Embroidery Help

do you need to learn how to embroider or just how to embroider on fabric for wipes case? if you don't know how to embroider by hand, there are lots of videos to watch on youtube, just type in how to hand embroider, also there is a free tutorial i'm almost positive on Sewing and applique patterns, ebooks, instructions and much more! |

if you need to know how to embroider on wipes case, just cut your pattern out, prior to attaching and gluing th fabric to the wipes case, you need to embroider--it would be good to have a stabilizer behind for clean stitches, so there is also no puckering of the fabric beneath because you may pull harder than you realize on certain stitches and i would suggest doing a satin stitch for thicker letters that stand out HTH

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