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Default Bows Not Staying Stiff - HELP please

Hey ladies! I received my WONDERFUL BBM templates on Friday and spent all weekend making the cutest bows. Well, one of them I had made for my DD to wear to Vacation Bible School this morning. I sprayed them with starch, pretty heavily, like 3 times, so they are pretty stiff, just like I like them. I allowed them to air dry on the kitchen table under the ceiling fan, it looked GREAT when she left this morning. Well, when she got home, all the stiffness is GONE....I mean GONE, it still looks okay but it is flimsy again, what happened? I usually use Stiffen Stuff, but I am out, and did the starch you guys know if baking them would have made a difference? Or does that just hurry up the drying process? Sorry this is so long, but now I am wondering if my customers bows are going drab too....and, no, she did not get the bow wet. HELP, anybody, please TIA
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