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Default Re: Boutique party hats on a headband????

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
On the bottom you could cut a circle of felt. That would be lightweight and you could cut slits in it to slide teh headband, but it wouldn't come apart. You could hide the seam of the headband under there as well. I really likethese and think they would sell well! If someone can figure it out!
I finally tried it using the heavyweight interfacing (I love this) and some fabric.

I stuffed the inside and used a felt circle with slits. I cut 2 larger slits parallel to each other on the circle and then I glued it to the bottom of the cone. I took the headband apart, threaded it through the parallel slits and hid the seam under the felt inside of the cone. The only thing I think I'll do different when I make my "real one" is that I will cut the slits for the headband in the sit of the cone to see if it makes the hat more sturdy.

This probably makes no sense and I am awful at explaining things so....I'll stop here
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