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Default Re: HELP ME!! make a wolf?

Everyone is just so defensive on this site now! I posted for her to BUY which I thought might be easier and quicker for her! I did NOT give her step by step instructions on how to make the one I posted! I simply thought it was cute. I've seen MANY "how can I make" then etsy items are shown and they just say it would be easier to just buy it instead.
I am sorry now that I gave your shop any exposure....relax

Originally Posted by Miranda1 View Post
Actually, that is exactly why I don't have a direct link to my shop on here. Why should I put a link on here..a place full of bow makers... to direct them to come browse my shop for ideas, it's not like that many are going to buy? (Nor do I agree with everyone posting links to people site/stores asking for help on how to make their own, and pick the items apart trying to figure it out. But hey that's just me )
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