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Default Re: Tissue Bow Raggity Bows - thread gone?

I don't tell people how to make anything from someone's paid instruction.
I have not bought any hair bow instructions in a long time I think lynn's rose bow was the last one I bought.
I made my comment about waiting on the instructions to come out free since it was so clear that people were trying to figure out how to make it right now and talk about it right here. Heather's main profit comes from the first 30 days or less of when the book comes out.

Yes people take paid instructions and post them for free, several people have done it to me, and a big handful of members on this board. People post re-makes of other peoples instructions on there websites, blogs, utube etc. just to get more sales. The instructions on my website are mine, I could make tons of instructions that were not mine if I wanted to just to increase traffic to my website but I do not. I could supply a list for you of several websites that have instruction on them both free and paid that some else made first that they re-made. YOUR COMMENT AMY WAS UNCALLED FOR. No wonder I have not been posting on here much for the last 6 months. People jump all over you for every little thing. No more comments from me. You can insult all you like, I won't be part of any more drama, that is why I left in the first place. Take care I am off to kiss my kids and go to bed.

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