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Default Re: HELP ME!! make a wolf?

Originally Posted by Miranda1 View Post
Actually, that is exactly why I don't have a direct link to my shop on here. Why should I put a link on here..a place full of bow makers... to direct them to come browse my shop for ideas, it's not like that many are going to buy? (Nor do I agree with everyone posting links to people site/stores asking for help on how to make their own, and pick the items apart trying to figure it out. But hey that's just me )
I don't know if Miranda does any tutes at all, but maybe if you ask her if she'd be interested in putting one up for sale in her etsy store, it may be something she'd do? I've seen items that I'm interested in doing myself & have asked people who have items for sale if they have a tutorial for sale for that item so I can purchase them and make them too, or else I just buy the item if it's not something I want to make myself, or if it's just something so cute I just gotta have it. Just an idea. I know that bowmakers that sell their stuff are very busy with orders, etc., but you wouldn't be any worse off just asking I know a lot of time & effort go into making a tutorial, so some don't have the time to do them. But like I said, it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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