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Angry Blew up my glue gun!!!

I literally blew up the gun and almost landed in hospital! I always keep my woodburner an arms length away from where I'm working for safety reasons. Anyway picture this: I put the glue gun down and fiddled with a clip not realising that I had previously moved the wood burner closer to me...oh oh. Guess where the cord from the glue gun was resting - yep right on the woodburner. First it melted the plastic coating on the cord then all hell broke loose! The gun exploded with a huge boom and there were blue and red sparks everywhere - not good Anyway I jumped up like crazy, proceeded to bash my foot on the chair and then managed to break a toe - ouch! (bare feet are not a good idea). When I limped over and turned off the power switch I knocked the woodburner from the metal tray I keep it on and so I now have a burn mark on my bench top! Lastly I knocked over a glass ornament which smashed and I managed to step on it - yep...blood everywhere. But that's not all - guess who walked in and saw it all happen....yep DH I had to sit there for 15 minutes crying with my sore toe and bleeding to death while he lectured me on safety in the house. And the moral of the story...If you're going to blow things up do it when DH isn't home!! And that was my very favourite glue gun too.
My toe is all swollen and black but I managed to get all the glass out of my foot!!
Cheers Linda
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