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Default Re: korkers and pony o's

First of yourself the trouble of cutting and heat sealing each piece and get yourself a wood burning tool. This is the wonder tool for making korkers!! With a wood burner you can cut and seal at the same time.

Secondly...$5/per set??? OMG! How are you making any money? I use almost that much just in ribbon, not to mention my time and other supplies. I've been selling mine for $5.00/ea or two for $9.00. People aren't even blinking an eye at my prices. All I ever hear from my customers is how much work it looks like goes into them...and they are right!

Finally, when I add korkers to pony o's, I make my korker as usual. Then I take a needle and thread and sew through the center of the korker and through pony o. Then I wrap the thread around the pony o and grab a little bit of the korker as a wrap (does that make sense?). I do this a few times and then finish by sewing back through the pony o one last time. This way I'm not wrapping the thread around the korker and bunching it up and taking away from it's original puffy shape.

I hope this all makes sense. Good luck!
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