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Default korkers and pony o's

OMG!! Yesterday I don't know how many hours I spent wrapping dowels to make 8 sets of korkers and then 3 boutique bows. I hate making korkers. Then all the cutting and heat sealing. Then the trimming and REsealing. I had one hell of time sewing these korkers on pony o's. One set I had to start over 4 times because it seems everything kept getting all twisted up. Is there an easier way to sew them onto pony o's? I sewed around the ribbon and pony o about 7-8 times and then tied off the thread. Then I put a small dab of hot glue on the thread in case it might've come apart.

Also I sprayed really good with stiffy but sometimes it seems I have one or two that seem to not be as tight as the others. Any suggestions?

I'm gonna say again-I HATE MAKING KORKERS. Plus I sold them to friends for 5 bucks a set. Seemed like way too much work for 5 bucks. They ddn't seem to be as round and fluffy as my others. IDK if it was because of the pony o's or just me. Thanks for listening to me rant!!
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