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Default Re: Tissue Bow Raggity Bows - thread gone?

Originally Posted by mrsbabb View Post
Personally, I don't see anything rude about this post. This thread was originally posted with the intentions of trying to figure out how to make the "raggie bow" on our own without instructions. Unfortunately, some people don't have $12 or $15 to spend or even want to spend that kind of money on instructions. Not to say that they aren't worth it (because I've heard all good things), but I am not one who prefers to pay for instructions. I would rather try to figure it out myself first. Then, if I am not satisfied, I will decide on purchasing them.

There is absolutely nothing rude or wrong with trying to figure out how to make a bow that you've seen and discussing it here. I thought this was the whole purpose of this category "How to make...." not how to sell your instructions. That's a different category.

You even mentioned in another forum, a word of advice discussing the same "raggie bow" and I quote:

"To be honest I would just wait, almost every instruction I have made and sold has been posted on someones blog, website etc so they can get more sales. Sooner or later someone will re-make the instructions and post them for free that is just what happens these days."

Now, why say that there and call someone rude for trying to figure it out?

Not to start mess, because I like you Heather, but really?

AGREED 100%. Creativekiddos changes her view on this type of thing depending on which board she is on and what end of the deal she is getting. One minute she is scrutonizing someone for asking for instructions and the next minute she is telling people how to make something from someone elses paid instructions. One minute she is trying to find a wholesale supplier of something and the next minute she is telling people they should not post wholesale suppliers publically. I could post a dozen threads where she has been hipocritical. If most of the threads didnt blow up in a huge fight and get deleted you all could research that she is not new to this game and has been the common denominator to ALOT of trouble here.
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