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Default Re: How to make a ribbon wand

I worked in a toy store for a number of years and we used to buy ours from a kite shop. So that is an option. I decided to try my hand at it this weekend, and frankly, the one I made looks darn near exact to what we used to sell!!

I used 7/16" dowels (though the diameter is up to you), sanded them down, coated them with a clear finish, then used a screw eye (it's a metal eye with a screw bottom that you can find at any hardware store....I got mine at Fred Meyer's, so Walmart should also have them) at the top of a dowl, then added a jump ring to the eye, and a swivel, to the jump ring, both of which are found in the fishing section. Then I used about 8 feet of 7/8" ribbon (though I've been told you can use up to 1 1/2"). Just double knoted the ribbon to the swivel. Works like a charm! Hope I didn't give up any trade secrets.
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