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Default Re: Clippies with Sealah tape

After being very frustrated by Fabri-Tac coming off my clips and the hot glue being lumpy, messy and unpredictable, I finally bought the 1/4" Sealah tape and I absolutely LOVE it! I feel like it is one of those things that makes everything so much easier and professional looking. Not only do I use it for lining the clippies, but I use it for attaching ribbon to ribbon and for attaching the center strip to the bows and then the clip. I have done a bunch and they are as firmly attached as the day I did it. No more hot glue globs out of the side of the ribbon! To me, it's really seems like a "trade secret" that is priceless (in terms of getting rid of stress & frustration!) I just reordered from them and got the 3/8" for the wider ribbons I use. I can post pics of what I have done tomorrow. It's kinda late now!

PS: I have found that heat is what makes the bond stronger with the Sealah. After lining the ribbon, I rub the ribbon several times to make it warm. Then I just push the ribbon back and the paper just separates from the ribbon, exposing the sticky part. It has never been a problem getting the paper off. No nails needed!
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