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Default Re: Wrapping Flip Flops!!!

I tried the crochet hook and the flops I had there was no way I could get the ribbon poked down in that hole! I wrap mine just starting down close to the end. I haven't quite mastered how to finish when I get to the other end. Hopefully someone will share. I heard that you cut it at an angle and tuck it back up inside, but don't know exactly how it works. I use the E6000. I'm afraid to try anything else due to durability issues. Hot glue would make it so much faster! My flip flops look like they are from mars while they are drying! LOL. They have all these clips and clothespins clipped to the flops to make sure the ribbon sticks down while it dries.

Originally Posted by CoCoPiccolo View Post
I think there is a tut on here somewhere where they show how to tuck the ribbon down into the sole with a crochet hook... Let me look around.
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