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Default Re: Boutique party hats on a headband????

I recently made one of those for my DD's first bday pictures. I took a cardboard party hat, undid it and laid it out to use as a template. Then I took some of that really stiff felt (not sure what the real name for it is) and cut out the hat shape. Then I appliqued a number one on a piece of minky and cut out my fabric for the outside and coordinating fabric for the inside. Then I made sort of a fabric sleeve and put the felt stuff inside it and embellished it with marabou and pompoms. I also stitched ribbon ties onto the inside.
The headband seems like it would be easy. Just hand stitch it to the inside of the hat.
Hers also look smaller than a traditional party hat.

I really like the idea of putting it on a headband. My DD wouldn't let me tie the strings under her neck so I might have to modify mine and add the headband.
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