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Default HELP ME!! make a wolf?

Ok my dd favorite stories of all time are The three little pigs (I have read it sooo many times i dont eve have to look at the words on the page anymore ) and Little Red Riding Hood. Well we were at walmart the other day looking at fabric when i heard a squeal of delight come from my dd followed by MOMMY MOMMY !! She had found materiel with The three pigs , Little red riding hood, Goldie locks and many more characters all over it and she demanded to have it. Well on the way home she was holding it (She did'nt even want give it to the cashier so we could check out) and then she said mommy can you make me a Pig bow to go with my new dress and i was like sure,and the she said can you make me a Red riding hood bow and i was like ok and THEN she asked mommy can you make me a Bad Wolf bow and i was like Uhhh maybe . Does anyone know how in the
H E double Hock sticks to make a wolf ? Because i am at a loss I think she wants a whole wolf not just the head because she is super pick about if there is some character on her clothing it has to match perfectly (Ex: she had a dress with lady bugs on it and they have eyes well i made her just a regular lady bug and i gave it to her and she just looked at it and the at her dress the she looked at me and said mommy where are his eyes? So i had to glue some googly eyes on it for her the she just loved it. She is such a sweetie pie she is just picky i guess it comes with being 3
ok sorry i will stop rambling but PLEASE HELP
I have already made her dress all we are waiting on is the bow
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