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Default Re: DoodlesBowtique????


I LOVEEEEEEEE the jeweled headband. In fact, I made jewlery in the past and have lots of crystals and beads left over from that time. However, with CPSIA in place for everyone selling items to children under 12 how do we address this issue regarding lead, phlates (sp?) and small parts?

We know ribbon and clips are exempt due to testing being done at the manufacturer level and ribbon is just exempt since it just isn't shown to have lead. But what do you suggest regarding marketing to children under 12 for the jeweled headband. My 4yr old and 6yr old and all their friends really want some but I refuse to give/sell to them since I could be sued or worse. It seems girls over 12yrs old don't seem to be interested so the items truly are geared to those say between 4yrs up to maybe 12yrs old.

Any feedback from you and anyone else is greatly appreciated.


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