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Default Re: I need a goo photo editing program?

Originally Posted by bittybows View Post
Photoshop Elements is not the cheapest on the block, but it is a great one and about 1/10th the price of the full Photoshop. You can get it for around $70, and I have found it to be worth every penny. It can do both tasks that you mentioned.
I have been using the photoshop elements 7 trial version and now I am on the photoshop cs4 trial version (heehee using the free trial's to see which ones I like best before buying...might as well...they are free ) I love using both of them for what you are needing them for. I use them mainly for getting rid of backgrounds from my pics & then adding the watermark. I havn't tried the others mentioned but I will def be checking them out. I just hate to spend the money until I know which one is the best for me.
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