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Default Having trouble with this.

As some of you have seen, I attempted making a loop around bow.
My main problem area is the main bow. Someone told me to work on the twist. I had been following directions on, where it says to have a basic boutique bow for the center. I followed their instructions AND the instructions on this site for the boutique bow and this is what I came out with:

As you can see I just decided to make these into clips, but I don't understand how to make the center bow for this, or what fold to use...clearly the boutique instructions I've tried following is not the right one:

Free How to Cover Alligator Clips Instructions: hairbow free directions, hair bow business work at home

..... The following picture was my first and only attempt at the loopy surround a bow.

My bow is flat, I understand I can use starch to perk it up, but I just know it isn't the right fold...

Any tips for me?

ETA: I know the bows I posted are two different kinds of bows, the first being boutique and the other one I made a tails down bow?? I think? I'm just saying I've tried different things and I'm at a loss. I'm new at this. Be kind! LOL
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