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Default Re: How do you take nice pics of your Tutus?

I love the clothesline and clothes pins ideal but havent tried it yet. I saw some cute lil bumble bee clothes pins.. I think someone here made them (could be wrong) But they were on etsy and I told my sister those would be sooooo cute to hang tutus with...

Originally Posted by babyeliza View Post
i have 2 metal dress forms from HL and they are the ones with the scrollwork instead of the straight lines on the bodice. they don't sweep to the side. the only thing is the waist is really tiny so if the tutu is for a toddler i just clip the excess up underneath it for pictures so it fits where it should. i got one on clearance for $15 and i paid $25 for the other one (half off). they also have the 40% off any one item coupons on their website.

also, i've seen where people make like a clothesline with string or ribbon against a fence or brick wall and use clothespins to clip the tutus onto it. looks really cute especially with several in a row. or you can use a cute hanger and just hang it to the string. I have some cute black and white zebra ones i picked up from target for less than a dollar awhile back.

another idea - if you have a big can or other cylindrical shaped item you can wrap it with some sort of cute fabric (or just a solid color) and put the tutu around it. nobody can tell what's underneath and it's a good way to show the fullness of your tutu.

then of course, there's always a live model, if you can get them to sit still
hope this helps.
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