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Default Re: Woven & Braided Headband Question

Originally Posted by princessfancypants View Post
not sure about the military braid, but for the woven headbands, you need about 38-40 inches you will have an inch or 2 of extra, BUT better safe then sorry! I had my dd helping my cut ribbon for headbands, then I take them to our softball games, (i get them all ready and glue the start point) well 6 of the 15 were 2 short :*( You dont know how frustrating it is to get almost done, and be short 2 ionches of ribbon GRRRR
Thanks so much I have been short also and it is a lot of work wasted I know. Anyone know about the military braid? I know the braid needs to be around 15 or so inches when finished but how long should the ribbons be to start?
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