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Default Re: Bows on Flip Flops

Originally Posted by smileytm View Post
I am having a time with these. I use the cable ties and slide the bows through the cable ties so the are interchangable. I am having customers that are losing them. They falll off.

I guess I will not make them interchangable and start gluing the bow to the flop.

What do each of you use? Do I just not put a clip on the bow and use hot glue to make them attach to the flops?


Hey Teresa,
I have heard of a lo of girls that use the mini elasti bands, ya know the ones some people use to put up their hair. I, personally dont use cable ties. I just take a strip of ribbon and wrap it around the thong and glue it. You can also probably sew the ribbon strip on. Or try this! If it is possible,never thought of it til now. Do it just like you would a ribbon t. Run the safety pin under the ribbon, and clip the bow on to the safety pin.

Hope this helps! I have made so many sets of flops, and never had problems. Get to work on it girly!! You'll get it!! GOOD LUCK!!
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